We now have a dedicated technical support specialist. Chris is a fantastic addition to the Mach2 Music Team and can be reached at:

We provide the Mach2 Server as a Music Server and are happy to support the basic Music Server functions. In short, this means we are happy to work with you to ensure the Mach2 Server is configured properly for Music Ripping and Playback.

Things we support:
- Configuration of iTunes,, Pure Music, Amarra
- Assistance with Basic Operation of the Server
- Ensure Screen Sharing and Networking is enabled on the Mach2 Server
- Helping you get the best sound from your Mach2 Server

Please be aware that this is still a computer and the follow things do apply:
1) To set up the computer you will need a monitor mouse and keyboard.
2) You will need basic MAC computer skills to load and play your music.

While we are happy to support the Mach2 Music Server and the accessories we sold you, we cannot support the other things in your environment.

We don't provide support for:
- Connecting to you network
- Running Headless (i.e connecting to your iPAD, iTouch, Mac, or PC) We can't help with this because it requires knowledge of your network, but most people get this going without much trouble.
- Consolidating or moving your existing library.
- RAID Devices

The good news is the Mach2 Server is enabled to do these things. If you have knowledge of your network or access to the Geek Squad or a computer buddy, you can usually do these things pretty quickly. We have also put some links below to help you on your way.

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