We are really excited to offer Mach2 Music Server owners
A Free 30-Minute Online Setup Session with our Support Specialist!!!

Okay, here are the details:

We are now offering new Mach2 Server customers a free 30 minute online setup session with our support specialist. Our support specialist will login to your Mach2 Server over the internet and go through your Mach2 Server setup with you. Anyone receiving their Mach2 Music Server after Feb.1 2011 can contact support@mach2music to schedule their session.

1) You must own a Mach2 Server. It can be be one you bought from us or one we upgraded for you.
2) You must have your Mach2 Server on the internet.
3) Please have your DAC, hard drives, etc. all pugged in and turned on for the session.
4) You need to be home to grant us access to your machine
5) The goal of this is to ensure your Mach2 Server is setup properly and sounding great.
6) We will help you with the items listed on our Support Page, under "Things we support". We will not delve into anything listed under "We don't provide support for".
7) The session is limited to 30 minutes. This should be plenty of time to cover the basic setup and operation of the Mach2 Server.
8) Each customer can receive one free session.

We hope people appreciate that very few companies do this, and that we are really working hard to make the computer setup experience as good as possible for our customers.

The Staff of Mach2 Music

We can't think of a reason someone would want more than one 30-minute setup session, but if you do, one can be arranged for $75, paid in advance, and it needs follow the requirements covered in items 1-7 above.

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