Upgrade Your Existing Mac Mini
Many people already have a MacMini and we would like to help those people too. Please see what option fits you. Currently we can only upgrade Macs with Snow Leopard installed.

We offer two upgrade options:

1) Upgrade your stock 2009/2010 MacMini (2GB RAM, No SSD) to a Mach2 - $749.00

  • We buy and install a 40GB Solid State drive
  • Upgrade your RAM to 4GB
  • Buy a USB enclosure for your 320GB hard drive. This is used to backup the Mach2 Music server.
  • We perform all our Mach2 software modifications

2) Upgrade your 2009/2010 MacMini with just our Mach2 Software Mods - $399.00
  • We perform all our Mach2 software modifications
  • Note: You must already have a Solid State Hard drive installed, and preferably 4GB of RAM.

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