Most Beautiful Sound - USB Cable
The Most Beautiful Sound Audio Grade USB Cable was designed to deliver the most neutral tonal balance while providing an ultra quiet background. Most Beautiful Sound believes that lowering the noise floor increases the soundstage, depth and detail. Our design goals were to improve these things that we think make music more enjoyable without changing the tonal balance of the music.

Digital audio files are a constant stream of data thus allowing for easy corruption of files and or loss of data. When the loss of data and or corrupted files get passed on to the DAC this causes timing errors to occur adding digital noise also known as jitter to the sound. USB cables by their very nature are very noisy and lowering the noise floor also provides huge challenges for USB cable manufactures weather it is simple data transfer or digital audio files.
Most Beautiful Sound Audio Grade USB cable addresses theses problems by providing a cryogenically treated super high grade 24 gauge silver clad oxygen free copper metallurgy, gold plating over copper connectors and a low loss ground configuration thus increasing the speed of the data. Once the speed was addressed which significantly reduced jitter and other digital errors, we added an additional external 3/8” cryogenically treated copper braid shield to the entire length and a ferrite bead at the DAC end of the USB cable to get any additional noise that the copper braid may have missed.

Most Beautiful Sound has addressed the design problems found with almost all USB cables with our Audio Grade Reference USB Cable. It is one of the finest USB cables that can be purchased at any price. With more music lovers moving away from their CD player to a music server because of the superior sound and convenience it is imperative that there be a good USB cable between the computer/music server and the DAC.

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