Most Beautiful Sound - Firewire Cable (No Power)
The Most Beautiful Sound Audio Grade Firewire 800 Cable was designed to deliver the most neutral tonal balance while providing an ultra quiet background. Most Beautiful Sound believes that lowering the noise floor increases the soundstage, depth and detail. Our design goals were to improve these things that we think make music more enjoyable, without changing the tonal balance of the music.

Digital audio files are a constant stream of data thus allowing for easy corruption of the music files. When corrupted files get passed from the music storage hard drive to the music server, now the computer must re-prioritize and correct those errors. This causes the computer processor to use it’s valuable resources to correct errors instead of processing music, which degrades the sound.

During our development of the Most Beautiful Sound Audio Grade Firewire 800 cable we discovered that if we removed the power traveling down the firewire cable used to power the hard drive and used a hard drive that used it’s own power supply instead of the computer providing the power. We now had a big improvement in sound quality. It removed a lot of haze opened up the sound stage and made the music more clear. The next issue we addressed was the speed of the firewire cable. This is not a cable to be terminated by hand. We found that with firewire 800 that it is very tricky to get the consistent high speed that is expected from a firewire 800 cable thus forcing us to have the best termination equipment available to build these cables. If the cable does not test to that specification then there is little or no benefit to using firewire 800. Once we developed a firewire 800 cable that had no power on the line and passed our strict speed test we felt we had winner and that with a few more refinements we would have a world-class audio grade firewire 800 cable.

With the Most Beautiful Sound Audio Grade Firewire 800 cable we have addressed theses problems by providing a cryogenically treated super high-grade 24-gauge oxygen free copper metallurgy, and a low loss ground configuration thus increasing the speed of the data. Once the speed was addressed which significantly reduced digital data errors we removed the power form the line as we mentioned previously an then we added an additional external 3/8” cryogenically treated copper braid shield to the entire length of the cable to lower the noise floor and remove any grunge thus making a more musical cable.

Most Beautiful Sound has addressed the design problems found with all music firewire 800 cables with our Audio Grade Reference Firewire 800 Cable. It is finest audio grade firewire 800 cable that can be purchased at any price making Most Beautiful Sound a pioneer in the digital music industry and the premier audio grade firewire 800 cable manufacturer. With more music lovers moving away from their CD player to a music server because of the superior sound and convenience it is imperative that there be a good firewire cable between the computer/music server and the music storage hard drive.

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