Questions & Answers

Q: Can I still use this for Web Browsing, Finding Music after the Mach2 upgrade:

A: Absolutely. While we do turn off some things that optimize business apps, everything runs fine afterwards. In some ways business applications may run a little better because we lighten the load of the OS a bit.

Q: Can I install other programs like Photoshop or XYZ later?

A: You can, but we don’t recommend it. When you install programs they can start up background processes. We spend a lot of time killing off unneeded process so adding new non-audio processes works against sound optimization. In short, only install programs that are crucial. We highly recommend you use this purely as a Music Server.

Q: Do the Mach2 modifications void the Apple warrantee?

A: No. We upgrade the hard drive to a solid state drive, and we increase the memory to 4GB (or more if you like). Apple has no problem with people doing Hard Drive or Memory upgrades.

Q: Do I need a monitor in my music rack? how can I control the Mach2 MacMini?

A: There are a few options for controlling your music server. The sound quality differences are minute, so we recommend whichever allows you to enjoy music the most.

Long Monitor Cable: Some people use a long monitor cable and place a monitor near their listening position. A wireless mouse and keyboard can then be used from the listening position.

Headless: Some people remote control the Mach2 MacMini from their iPad, iTouch, Mac, or even their PC. To do this you will need to have a home network, and knowledge about your network, but the convenience is very nice.

Q: What DACs can I use with a Mach2 MAcMini?

A: The Mach2 can communicate with almost all USB or Firewire DACs. If your DAC doesn’t include special USB or Firewire drivers, the Mach2 can usually drive it. If your DAC use drivers, and DAC manufacturer supplies Mac drivers, we can install the drivers so the MAch2 can work with your DAC, if you provide a link to your drivers. The Mach2 can also work withDACs that have coaxial inputs if you use a device like the HiFace USB to Spdif converters.

Q: Do I need Internet Access?

A: No. While internet access will let you tag music you rip, and allow you to listen to internet radio, it is not needed to play and enjoy your ripped music collection.

Q: What if I want to use Amarra or PureMusic players?

A: That’s great. We are Amarra and PureMusic. resellers. You can buy your Player from us. We will install and configure it for you.

Q: What music applications come with the Mach2 MacMini?

A: We install and configure iTunes, Pandora, and as part of our package. We also include optimization apps for those programs. We also provide scripts for Amarra and PureMusic in case you buy them later.

Q: Do I need to be a computer expert to use this Music Server?

A: You don’t have to be an expert, or even close to being an expert, but you should know the basics of copying files, knowing where your music is, knowing how to launch and close programs, etc. This is a computer based Music server so knowing MAC basics is important.

Q: Will Mach2 help me learn the computer basics or the really advanced computer stuff?

A: No, we simply don’t have the time to provide general computer support, or to help you design the latest, fastest RAID device. Our low prices allow us to support the Music Server build and music player software. We simply are not staffed to educate people on the basics or fine aspects of Information Technology.

Q: What if I want to buy hardware that isn’t listed on the Mach2 site?

A: We have chosen hardware that we know sounds great, and is worth the price in sonic gains. If you want other type of drives, raid setups, keyboards, monitors, that is great. There is lot of good stuff out there. We can’t source and support all of it. So, we suggest you buy any other hardware directly. We won’t be heart-broken at all since we don’t mark-up our hardware. Honestly, it takes us time to order it, configure it, test it, and pack it for shipping to you. We simply charge you the cost of the item and the shipping to us, and back out to you. If you know how to configure the external drives, raids, etc. you will save a little money.

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